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Amber Hayden stands on her front porch, angry, hurt, and half-naked. Her man, Fats, just drove off after Amber angrily revealed she saw him making love to her best friend, Chloe. A storm gathers above her, and a troubling thought crosses Amber’s mind: Is she becoming her mother? The idea sends her mind tumbling back to the past.


As a child, Amber watches as her schizophrenic mother rotates in and out of a mental institution and on and off her medication. Her main source of support—her older brother, Chris—hasn’t been there for her as much since discovering the working girls of their inner-city neighborhood.


Together with her friends Chloe, Fats, and a damaged boy named Desi, Amber finds herself forced to deal with a series of troubling secrets—secrets that she is still struggling with as, distraught and half-dressed, she stands on her porch, wondering if she’s insane.  More Info



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